France ends 16 years without a win

France has qualified to the quarterfinals of Euro 2016 after beating 2: 1 in the 1/8 finals the Republic of Ireland
France has ended 16 years without a win in the knockout stage of the European Cup – beating 2: 1 Republic of Ireland.

Last time France won the competition in 2000 when they beat Italy in the final result 2: 1.Since then, France had failed to pass qualifying so far that eliminated Ireland. In 2004, France was defeated 1: 0 Greece in qualifying, the latter was declared the end champion.At EURO 2008, France failed to pass or band, finishing last in the table, while at UEFA EURO 2012, the French were eliminated 2: 0 Spain.But 16 years of suffering came to an end, as France has already broken the ice by advancing to the quarterfinals of Euro 2016.