De Rossi, and the history of the number of red cards

Roma said farewell to the Champions League, yet the greatest impression left verdhekuq group was demonstrated a red Daniele De Rossi took in the main half. Red card fourteenth in his profession and the twelfth straight.

It was 2004 when De Rossi, then 21, was reserved with a red meeting with Leverkusen. In the same season he took two red and others in three days, the association and the Champions League.

In 2006 additionally he frustrated the mentor Spaletti, when in the 27th moment of the principal half against Brugge left for a genuine foul. De Rossi’s capacity to do hurt confirmed colleagues in the World Cup finals, when his elbow into the substance of the player pack American transmits TCH. Disciplinary commission rebuffed with four-match boycott, despite the fact that Lippi took in the last.

Interruption overwhelming punches or kicking balls into crabbiness. De Rossi’s profession is loaded with such scenes. In 2011 an elbow in the face Shaktar Sernas, in a duel without top, forgot for three matches after TV proof.

The same slip-up rehashed in 2012, again without the ball, softened a punch up the face Mauri derby against Lazio. A genuine foul on Chiellini hurt in 2014 was trailed by another straight red.

Over and over De Rossi was rebuffed with another companion of the group, or is impaired by TV proof.

Reds arrangement proceeded with the national group in 2015, in the match against Bulgaria, punishment objective and after that a red card for responding to the rival.

What’s more, last Tuesday evening match against Porto, with an end that broil De Rossi, however Rome.